Friday, March 7, 2014

The decline and fall highlights the rising ... rising!

▪ When philosophers say that " Fear is the enemy of reason" - an axiom that applies to both investment and our private lives - they are still below the truth.

Therefore, the concept of " fair price" never exists for financial and real estate markets, the fear of losing is always in competition with the fear of missing the rise.

Human fear is one of the phenomena that has allowed so many quality assets - like gold - to collapse during the past decade ... because of fear, there are many in the current period , which makes it attractive to many markets.

However, we believe that sooner or later gold will resume the upward path . At this time, you will see that many investors will be scared to miss his ascension !

Why ?

Just because our planet is now completely deregulated economically with sovereign debt . They no longer have a choice: we must make use of massively printing money .


Accumulation of taxes, conflicting measures, financial repression ...
It is time to act !

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▪ Consider the example of Japan
The country comes to print hundreds of billions to lower the yen's value and to better export.

Result: The Japanese stock market rises again as a part of those billions from the printing happens on financial and real estate markets which eventually gone back up.

The people who will pay for the crisis are those who put their money at 2% or 3 % with actual inflation more important ... not to mention insecurity deposits , where investors borrow will be increasingly winners with the depreciation of the value of their loans.

Therefore, quality assets have our preference , such REITs , forests , actions , vineyards, diamonds, etc. . whose value will appreciate further .

Does this mean that everything is now finally settled at international level?

Nothing is less certain! Indeed, if the United States, China and Japan have already printed hundreds of billions of paper money , Europe , she has printed that EUR 1,500 billion for the moment , where need at least 6000 .

But do not complain ... Initially , the Germans did not want to print even a few cents - but they had no choice, because when threatening to bankrupt state must act quickly !

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