Monday, March 24, 2014

A real commitment to lift the tallest skyscraper in Miami

The architectural competition in the United States for the construction of skyscrapers now comes to Miami , where a real estate developer plans to build a tower over 300 feet tall , which would make , to overcome all the requirements, the highest in the " sunshine capital " .

The so-called Skyrise will rise at the heart of "downtown " (city center) of Miami, with a sleek, aerodynamic design , air ramp launching spacecraft , which built, would be not only the tallest skyscraper the city, but the most striking.

With 305 meters high , the spectacular observation tower and leisure center will dominate the entire city of Miami, an initiative which , apparently , has already received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration and airport authorities.

The design of the slim metal tower , open at the sides , will be in charge of the Miami firm Arquitectonica, the same charge of design large entertainment center and casino planned by the Malaysian group Genting .

The tower will have three balconies, a restaurant , a nightclub , a flight simulator , meeting rooms and a room for interactive exhibits, among other deals, the website said Skyrise , although still some mystery about its construction remains .

The Miami Skyrise is an " iconic building of the great city of Miami, located just minutes from Miami Airport and next to the port, the American Airlines Arena" and important museums , he said.

According to The Miami Herald, Jeff Berkowitz, of Miami, is the developer responsible for the project, Tishman Construction and Coastal Construction as general contractor .

The construction of skyscrapers, still in embryo, begin in mid- 2014 and conclude in mid- 2017 , while generate more than 7,100 jobs during its development phase and another 17,000 after opening.

The plan for the construction of this amazing work of engineering will be presented on December 2 and " consolidate to Miami in the list of the world's great cities ," the newspaper said Berkowitz .

Construction of the skyscraper will have a total economic impact in Miami, during its development, more than 880 million dollars and 1.3 billion dollars a year after opening , Skyrise said in its website .

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