Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Florida real estate captivates Latin

Brazilians , Argentines and Venezuelans, largely but Colombians and Ecuadorians, cast his gaze northward to invest in real estate.

Lauren Bazante , real estate agent signing PFS Realty in Miami , said that after several years , the market always shows very good opportunities, although he observed, prices tend to stabilize.

After the U.S. housing crisis , blowing winds for best activity.

In fact, Bazante reported the emergence of new projects , which capture buyers with incentives like payment condo finishes and for six months, to name a few .

In fact , encouraging investment in projects new, somewhat discouraged the secondary market , then, according to the advice resale looks unattractive compared to the option of purchasing a new home , for the repairs or improvements you end up spending more .

Considers that it is possible to get good prices from $ 100,000 ( one bedroom , one bathroom ), although no - highlights - the best things in Florida.
Pembroke Pines, Brickell , Doral , Miami, Coconut Grove and Aventura, stand out as the areas that are revalued .

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