Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Barcelona and the lesson of a harmonious city

I travel back on Thursday of last week, sick, exhausted and destroyed, but very satisfied.

My wife had "forced" me to accompany him to a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea. We were ten in all: my neighbors, cousin Henry and his wife, two other friends and we marriages. Departing from Miami, two different groups with the same destination, the city of Barcelona, ​​Spain, where he would start the cruise itinerary.

Barcelona is a beautiful and well-planned city, which has been making tangible improvements in their environment, as well as the quality of civic life, as has been made in history. While everyone admired the facades of buildings and works of Antonio Gaudi in Sagrada Familia, I could not get over my astonishment at the great city in which flowed a heavy vehicular traffic merging with the sea of ​​pedestrians moving along any street, intersection alley and any place where you could walk.

The city reminded me of New York for its vibrant crowds walking and walking, riding the subway, trams, buses, taxis, etc.. 'Maybe that's why it works so well this city', I said, referring to the urban transport system. Then the height of the residential property, approximately six homes and invariably their first floors occupied by shops open to the public, reminded me to Havana and was assured that the construction for mixed or multiple use, it is highly desirable for the operation and development of urban centers with a high level housing.

Was also important to note the flow of people to public parks at different times. Him with their dogs, the ladies with their children, retirees rebuilding the world, old men playing chess; odd old man leaning on his cane, sunbathing waiting for death to come to the bank on which it is sitting to go to sleep with it, while at his side pass youth frantic race to catch the bus they will take at school.

Paradoxically, Barcelona opened their set for me to initiate a vacation and yet I was working. Thinking if possible prosecute all that overwhelming energy to Miami for my adopted city would encompass the imminent future that awaits you, without even having avizorado properly.

I apologized to my wife on several occasions because of my reverie. The subconscious was screaming at me that the possibilities, the climate, the melting pot and the many facilities that Miami offers business, and mercantile explosion had started and we had gone together prepare the city for the rapid growth awaits you.

But to return I realize that all is well. That universities, technology, hospitals, ports, airports, overpasses, businesses, lodging, entertainment; in short capable and diligent people move together to make possible the economic miracle in Miami and only lack nuts to avoid setting a derailment.

Go a big hug to my friend and teacher, real estate lides, Martin Caparros, who turned 14 last day, their first 86 years of life.Congratulations!

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