Monday, July 7, 2014

9.6 million Mexicans without decent housing : Conavi

The Comisión Nacional de Vivienda (Conavi) apply to 12 billion pesos to provide subsidy to low-income families so they can have access to decent housing.

According to the director of the agency Anzorena María Paloma Silva, the country has more than 9.6 million households without access to a home, "and each year this number increased 500 thousand families."

On tour in Oaxaca, said that all Mexicans are entitled to a housing allowance, and is seeking to meet this year to as many recipients, not just those environments rights FOVISSSTE and INFONAVIT, if not all segments, including including state and municipal workers and even police officers.

That resources are obtained from a source of credit repayable by the Company granted Federal Housing Mortgage.

He announced that this year it will only grant more than one million shares to reduce the backlog of housing that have nationally.

Abounded that is the south and center of the country where they are the largest deficit of decent housing.

And he said he works to bridge the gap by providing housing options in urban environment as semi urban and rural.

You will not pay relocation housing in areas at risk

The general director of the Conavi rejected this year the agency will allocate resources to perform the relocation housing located in a risk area to the impact of natural phenomena.

The official shortcut current operating rules of the Commission are very clear and no longer allows the release of resources for relocating households in risk areas.

"The relocation using the National Disaster Fund (Fonden) and through other programs scattered in different federal agencies, including the Sedatu are done," he explained.

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