Thursday, June 26, 2014

The index of housing construction was 135.29

The National Statistics Office (ONE) and the Dominican Association of Builders and Developers of Housing (Acoprovi) reported that the index of Direct Costs of Housing Construction (DLQI) was 135.29 for the month of May 2014, recording a monthly variation of 2.05%. This rate is higher at 1.73% compared to that presented in the same period last year of 0.32%.

The type of housing, the calculated index was 133.80 for a standard family house, 135.82 for the house on two levels, 134.26 for four levels and multifamily multifamily 137.27 for eight or more levels. The detached house on one level had the highest monthly change growing in 2.54%

For cost groups, the main increase occurred in labor (2.20%), while the main floor was recorded in subcontracts (-0.39%).

In the last 12 months, the ICDV accumulated a 5.51% growth. This result is higher by 1.57 percentage points compared to the one presented in the same period last year to 3.94%.

The ICDV is a statistical tool that shows the monthly variations experienced by the cost of constructing four types of housing. It is updated by lifting prices of 111 items divided into five groups: labor, equipment, tools, materials and subcontracts; in a given sample of economic establishments that produce, market or imported inputs used in construction.

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